Community Service

As part of their graduation requirements, students must begin completing their community service in grade 9. Community service is required as follows:

Grade 9 – five (5) hours
Grade 10 – ten (10) hours
Grade 11 – fifteen (15) hours
Grade 12 – twenty (20) hours


Here are the guidelines for community service:


No pay may be received for the service
No family members may be the recipients or supervisors of the service
Extra-curricular or co-curricular activities or student aide activities do not qualify
No credit will be given for service without a parent or guardian signature, both for permission and approval; no credit will be given without the student advisor’s signature of approval


Community service performed during the summer will be accepted, as long as the proper form is completed and approved as stated above.


Examples of community service activities include the following:


Volunteering at an animal shelter
Coaching younger children in an organized sport
Volunteering at after-school programs, church programs, foods banks, nursing homes, Special Olympics, Goodwill or the Salvation Army. 


Other programs are also acceptable; please make sure the program is approved by a student advisor or guidance counselor prior to beginning the community service to make sure it meets school criteria for credit.


  Please use the Community Service Form below to record your hours completed.

Community_service_form.pdf34.45 KB
Community_Service_Info_Sheet.pdf71.36 KB