Choices Planner

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The Choices Planner is your program. You will learn about yourself with assessments and connect your course plans with career goals & post-secondary plans. The planner contains both career (Work) and school (Learn) information. The Portfolio is yours and yours alone to save information about yourself for use at a later date. The first time you use the program you will use the Oceanside High School account (Site ID) and password (mariners) to create your own portfolio. The next time you use the program you will sign in with your Portfolio Name and Password. Please use this program as you wish, either at school or home and share this information with your parents if you choose.


1. Go to

2. A. If this is the first time you are using the program, click on create a new portfolio.  
Site ID:       1237329
Password:   mariners

    B. If you have already created your own  portfolio, sign in using the Portfolio Name tab. Click on Choices Planner Screen and go to the activity you are directed to use.

3. When finished, use the “Sign Out” in the upper right hand corner to save your information.

The next time you use the program you will sign on with your portfolio name and password, so save this paper in a safe place. Remember the system is case sensitive. (DO NOT CAPITALIZED or leave spaces)